“Your true expression is one of non separation.

It doesn’t have to do with sounding great or feeling a certain way.

It is about honesty with yourself and how we manifest that in the world.”

About Sia

Sia is a holistic group voice therapist who studied with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and earned her Professional Diploma in Holistic Group Voice Therapy with distinction.

She is currently training in Holistic Voice Therapy and is part of the Awakened Life Project. She is passionate about the effects of conscious expression and facilitating collective emergence in groups through the medium of the human voice.

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10 Euros per Session / 1 pax

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Deep Relaxation Sound Journey





 MAY 20th | 18:15



A Voicebath is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work or at the beach, especially if you feel drained and low on energy and the only thing you want to do is drop into a state where there is nothing to do. Our system regularly needs to go into deep relaxation in order to be fully available for live

The Voice is one of the first ways of bonding. The child recognizes the mother by her voice. The Voice is calming and relaxing. Reassuring that we are not alone and that we are held and safe. You belong. Simply be. Effortless.

Avoicebath can have a similar effect on our system. Simple humming and slow toning will bring you into a deeply relaxed state. The Voice will soften 
emotions or tensions that your body is holding as it lets go more and more into the calming sounds of the toning. 
Overtones will bring further relaxation and they will invite insights and space into our experience. 
Avoicebath can start a conversation with our system in which we become more aware of what is holding us back from being who we are. Our inherent capacity to heal can be activated and disharmony and imbalances can be realigned. Other benefits of a 
voicebath can be, improved sleep, stress reduction and improved well being. Your body is basically brought into a very soft altered state of consciousness in which its natural healing powers are activated. 

How does it work?

Avoicebaths outline is very simple and is designed to support your mind to fully relax and unwind. The voice is the soft guiding force of the session. Participants lie down on a yoga mat and start to relax. A voicebath is an entirely passive form of voicetherapy. It starts with a short guided meditation that will invite you to fully be present and completely relax your body and mind. After humming and toning, overtones will take over and will slowly merge with the sounds of a crystal singing bowl. Soft chimes and gentle tones of tuning forks will make you drop deeper until light percussion instruments will slowly wake you up.
After the sound, participants are invited to continue to relax and 
integratein an extended Shavasana.

Avoicebath is an opportunity to recharge and relax your emotional, mental, physical 

Please sign up for this Voicebath by calling Sia’s number: 925117160

About Sia:
Sia has been working in Holistic Group Voice Therapy since graduating from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Currently training in Holistic Voice Therapy she is deepening the art 
ofvoicebaths providing a space for participants to deeply surrender to the present moment. 

Minimum particpants: 5
Maximum participants: 15