“Your true expression is one of non separation.

It doesn’t have to do with sounding great or feeling a certain way.

It is about honesty with yourself and how we manifest that in the world.”

About Sia

Sia is a holistic group voice therapist who studied with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) and earned her Professional Diploma in Holistic Group Voice Therapy with distinction.

She is currently training in Holistic Voice Therapy and is part of the Awakened Life Project. She is passionate about the effects of conscious expression and facilitating collective emergence in groups through the medium of the human voice.

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Chakra Toning

- Sound Journey - 





 MAY 27th | 18:15



In this Session we will explore our voice as a medium to tune in to who we are beyond our thoughts ideas and beliefs.

The Session will start with a guided Meditation and will unfold into a simple warm up with toning and humming. We will start with a short warm up and relaxation of body, breath and voice.

After familiarizing ourselves with our own sound, we will embark on a journey of exploring our Chakras with our voice and specific vowel sounds and movement.

The focus of the session will be to get in touch with a relaxation of the mind and body by using very simple tones.We will explore the effect toning / singing can have on our entire system and how it can transform the way we are in the world.

The benefits and effects of the work are especially recognizable when practicing on a regular basis. Just like a yoga practice, these sessions will stretch your limits a little more each time.

This event will be a space for you to familiarize yourself with a deeper expression of yourself.

It is an invitation to go beyond the boxes we create for ourselves and others and to step into more connection and resonance.

These Sessions are inspired by my training in Holistic Voice Therapy with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST).



10 Euros per Session / 1 pax