(Classes in English)


with Frid Langsrud


December 6th

at 11:00 AM


Biodanza is an invitation to feel the joy of living, the pleasure of dancing, and the healthy and stimulating interaction with other human beings.


However, as human development system, Biodanza also facilitates relearning the ability to give and receive affection, and the ability of each person to establish deep bonds with oneself, with others and with life as a whole.


We fall in love with life and life falls in love with us!


With scientific foundations of biology, neurology, psychology, anthropology, the wisdom of philosophy and the beauty of art and expression. We use music from all over the world.


As emotionally expressive dance it also has the power to stimulate the manifestation of all the potential that exists in every human being, promoting vitality and health, self-esteem, self-confidence, creativity and the pleasure of living .


Due to the pleasure and joy that it gives to its practitioners, Biodanza is a wonderful system with a lot of fans around the world and with a huge growth in Portugal.


Biodanza is not about learning how to dance, it's about learning about how to be in life, using even more of our great potentials as unique human beings. Developing our identity.


It's nice to wear comfortable clothes, preferably several layers, and to bring a water bottle. Usually we dance barefoot.


Biodanza is a process where attendance on a weekly base gives the best result.


Everybody are warmly welcome, men and women, with or without any former experience from Biodanza or any other kind of dance.




The prices are: If it's the first time you do Biodanza the price is 5 Euros, otherwise 15 Euros. You are also welcome to pay for the whole month, it's 60 euros.



The classes are lead by Frid Langsrud. Biodanza teacher from the Rolando Toro System. She is a Norwegian, living in Portugal since summer 2015.

The classes are given in English.


For more information about Biodanza and/or about Frid: